A one-stop shop tailored service platform for Chinese students who come to study and work in the UK
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Looking for help in making a
success of your study and career
start in the UK?
Look no further!
At CognateUK, we have designed a support package that meets the real needs of students taking that big life decision to study and begin their career in the UK
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CognateUK is a quality provider of study abroad services in the UK.
We put our students at the heart of everything that we do and work closely with our trusted partners to deliver breakthrough moments for all of our students.
Let us accompany and support you on your journey, not just as you depart from your home country but throughout your time in the UK and beyond.

Our Expertise

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will assist you to
increase your self-knowledge, then identify and apply for the course and university best suited to your expressed needs. Our team will also provide you with everything that you need to start your career.

Our Promise

To help you define your needs and
assist you every step of the way, with
all your require for successful study
and career opportunities in the UK.

Making Your Application...

From where to study, and what to apply for and help with all the forms

Preparing For Success...

A personal coaching pathway designed
to provide continuous support during
your study and into the first few steps
of your career in the UK and beyond.

Arriving, Settling, Moving in

All the help you need to find the right place to live and the best way to get there

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