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You’re going places…

If you are about to apply for a UK undergraduate or postgraduate programme, then CognateUK Application Plus! is for you.

One of our well-qualified and experienced UK education consultants will guide you through the application process offering three different levels of support: Platinum, Gold or Silver. In addition, we can provide specific support for students wishing to apply for Oxbridge, specialised courses, or for one of the ‘Top 5’ ranked courses for a specific subject.

Once you are in the UK, CognateUK can help you with any specific academic challenges you may meet.

Our programmes

The Platinum Programme is truly bespoke, ensuring that every part of your preparatory process for higher education is overseen and assisted by a dedicated consultant in the admissions field. The Platinum Programme offers unmatched insights and counselling on how to stand out in your university applications.

The Gold Programme is a customisable package of consultancy support, tailored to your individual needs. Gold ensures that a high calibre service and attention to detail is provided in both academic and psychometric respects to the specific degree/level deemed appropriate for you.

The Silver programme is a foundational package, which provides professional guidance through the most crucial steps of the UK application process. This is an ideal service if you might just need that little added support when it comes time to completing your applications.


Programmes Summary




Psychometric Testing
Personal and academic assessment of student, used as a primer to gauge appropriate course and
university options.
Course options from start
Profiles (up to 10) of appropriate courses/universities, in line with testing and initial conversations with the consultant, detailing entry criteria and relevant statistics.
Course options refined
A short-list (5) of course options, based on previous testing and conversations, coupled with academic performance (both actual and predicted).
Place options - from start
Conversation[s] on offers received, with a view to identifying firm (first) and insurance (second)
Place options – refining
Final conversation settling on firm and insurance choices, in line with previous conversations and
testing, coupled with student’s expected high school finish (overall grade).
Liaising with school UCAS
Discussion, via translator where needed, with UCAS coordinator at student’s school, to ensure total
cooperation and uniform movement between all parties.
UCAS form completion
Ensuring application form is filled in, from start to finish, accurately.

Programmes Summary




UCAS form completion
Ensuring application form is filled in, from start to finish, accurately.
Personal statement
In-depth advice and editorial assistance at each state of the writing process justifying the student’s
application for his/her intended course.
Online support
Dialogues with student and (when needed) family and school, ensuring advice is taken on board, all
questions are satisfactorily answered, and progress is made from start to finish of consultancy relationship.
Firm offer discussion
Final discussion on student’s decisive choice, based on admissions conditions being satisfied by
end of academic year.
Additional counselling support, if needed, to ensure that, subject to the student failing to meet his/her
conditional offer, a suitable alternative is found in time for the student to start his/her university
studies with no delay.

Oxbridge and Specialised Courses (e.g. Law and Medicine)

The Oxbridge and specialised course (sc. Law, Medicine, Architecture, Theatre/Arts [where portfolios or auditions are required]) supplement covers additional tuition and preparation related to the more complex requirements for such courses.

‘Top 5'* Programme supplement

The ’Top 5’* programme supplement covers additional consultancy support, particularly on post application material requirements (e.g., a university requesting a sample essay, or that the student attend an interview/ orientation day) which the student ought to be prepared for. It also covers the added research undertaken by the consultant to ensure that the student’s background matches with the demands of the Top Five programmed for his/her intended course of study.

 * i.e. the most commonly ranked top five universities per course.

You’re going places…

CognateUK’s Application Plus! service is led by Dr Daniele Labriola. Formerly a university lecturer, he has dedicated the last 7 years preparing students for the top tier of UK and US higher education. His students have received offers from universities that include Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, St. Andrews, Harvard and Yale.

Hot off the press!

Hot off the press:

Two of our international students have just received offers

From Moscow:

Female student has offers from UC Berkeley and UCLA for Microbiology and Genetics

From Ukraine:

Female student has offers from Northeastern and UCLA to study Chemistry

Testimonials from across the globe …

An Asian client seeking to apply to top universities in California to study chemistry approached Daniele – himself a graduate of the University of California. Following support with the entire application process, the candidate secured a place at UCLA to read for a bachelor’s degree.
Dr Labriola played an important role in my son’s undergraduate preparation. He is now closely advising him on his postgraduate goals. Dr Labriola’s candour and natural ability to communicate effectively with people on different levels has not gone unnoticed. – Alexey L (Moscow)
I have been working with Dr Labriola on my university applications at both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level since 2017. He has has advised on and edited countless personal statements and proposals of mine – bringing my best academic qualities forward, putting me in the best position to meet my academic ambitions and goals. His input has been invaluable. – Emma C (Cork, Ireland)

Application Plus!

Our central aim is to ensure that you are as best prepared for university studies. This includes ensuring that your application dossier is as compelling as it can be. We do everything within our power to make you stand out as a candidate. However, we do NOT guarantee admissions. This is a decision taken solely by each university considering your application.
Typically, Yes. Having the same consultant ensures that CognateUK and you develop a strong and in-depth relationship. Ultimately, undertaking your university preparation with a dedicated consultant allows your consultant and the greater CognateUK team to provide truly individualised advice and support.
Your consultant is prepared to provide relevant added support, in line with your chosen level of service/package. Said support can take on different forms, depending on the type of help requested. Rest assured, your consultant and the greater CognateUK team will do whatever is within their powers to ensure you get the appropriate help and guidance within posted deadlines and in line with your chosen level of service.
The assessment thoroughly analyses your personal and academic taste and in turn drafts a detailed list of insights related to UK university studies. In essence, it suggests a particular route of application and study in the UK based on what really interests you and your academic level, both actual and potential.
Ideally, given your intention to study in the UK at university level, your level of English should be, roughly, at an IELTS 6.0 (CEFR B2). If you are having difficulties understanding the questions being posed to you, then this might signal additional tuition in English is needed to ensure you are truly at the level required of you to thrive in British higher education.
Many! Our placement record ranges from the traditional upper echelon of UK higher education, Oxford and Cambridge, Imperial College, St Andrews, the London School of Economics, etc., to everything which follows. We also have a strong track record assisting students who are looking for more specialized (e.g., Medicine, Law) or vocational (e.g., Hospitality) paths.
Absolutely! Over the years, our Chinese students have come from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs. Typically, students and families who have come to us earlier in the student’s high school studies have gone onto great success in their applications. Rest assured, with your trusted consultant and the caring CognateUK team, you will be in good hands throughout your journey!
Of course! In fact, some of our most successful cases, e.g., MBA at London Business School, MSc in Management at Said Business School (Oxford), MPhil in Education at Cambridge, etc., have been at the postgraduate level. We aim to develop a sincere and informed relationship with a student looking to better their academic profile. This pays dividends when it comes to applying to an appropriate list of courses in line with the student’s (young professional’s) strengths and aims.
With our top service you receive unfettered access to your dedicated consultant. There is a constant attention to detail offered by CognateUK, which ensures that the recommendations and guidance received is unique to the student. With such access and attention, the student and his family do not need to worry about any part of the application process (including post offers); CognateUK will be there and ready to assist at a moment’s notice no matter what the application process throws at you
We help you put together a short-list of university choices which matches with your true strengths and unique profile. Whilst we do everything possible to ensure your application is as compelling as it can be, we do NOT guarantee university admissions. Admissions decisions are undertaken solely by the universities considering your application.
Your consultant will explain to you both the academic and relevant non-academic criteria which you satisfy, in line with the requirements of a given university. Through discussions, written profiles, etc., your consultant will show you clearly the best university fit for you.
Applying to UK universities can be a complicated matter! For example, the Gaokao is NOT accepted as satisfying the academic condition for entering straight into a Bachelor’s programme at some of the strongest British universities. Accordingly, a student in this position would (i) either consider embarking on his university studies via a Foundation programme, (ii) or else consider undertaking additional high school qualifications (e.g., British A-levels) in order to satisfy the academic criteria of the most demanding British universities. Whichever academic stream you are coming from (e.g., state curriculum, A-levels, IB, etc), rest assured, your consultant will set out clearly and confidently the best route for you to thrive in British higher education.
As an international student, tuition fees (i.e., costs not immediately including room and board) range from just over 10,000 GBP to over 47,000 GBP for more specialised courses (e.g., clinical Medicine years). The average is roughly between 25,000 GBP-35,000 GBP per annum for most Humanities and Natural Sciences (incl. Engineering) courses.

"Our UK based consultants have current knowledge and extensive experience of assisting UK and international students to navigate their way through the application process. They will work to ensure that it will be a painless and successful experience."